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version 1.76 console (engine 1.76) - December 25, 2003
  • console version finally updated to latest engine build :-)
    Most features in v3.5 GUI can also be found in the console release.
  • Ability to use an external config file
  • Added language support using v3.5 language set

v1.76 engine updates
-added possible fix for infinite loops with premature reads
-corrections to bin2mpg extraction and improved accuracy
-accuracy improvement applied to nrg2mpg as well

version 3.55 GUI (engine 1.75) final - June 14, 2003
  • experimental 3 digits in index file
  • progress bar popup for samples only shown on vcdgear tab (fixes crash)

v3.54 development
-more GUI cosmetic glitches fixed in Task creation form
-Decompress and Delete RAR option failed after the first 2 tasks
-Moved Delete RAR as subcomponent of Decompress
-Multiple RAR decompress support

v3.53 development
-out time displayed not correct in sample editor
-clear sample selection did not move slider back properly
-version number.. left at 3.50 grr :-)
-temp vpj's deleted when vcdgear is closed

v3.52 development
-rar->mpg dynamic folder support.
-fixed crash when adding sample to task
-individual samples can be created and saved to task now (v2.1 task files now)
-sample editor can be run separately
-sample [cancel] reverts back to original settings like it should
-edited sample can be viewed now without clicking on No/Yes
-add mpeg track detects if valid mpeg file first
-separate menu selection for "external" run programs
-other bugs
-progress bar popup for sample generation

v3.51 development
-preliminary cosmetic fixes to Task screen
-improved fix routine by a notch
-able to add a sample clip and put images/sample into separate folder anytime

version 3.50 GUI (engine 1.75) final -  January 20, 2003
  • Major rewrite to 1.7 engine and a lot of bugs from previous version should be fixed 
    (hopefully new ones aren't introduced!)

  • SVCD image generation

  • Improved conversion and auto-detection routines

  • Improved fix and padding routines

  • More task / batch processing options

  • New options to extract MPEGs direct from BIN without CUE files

  • Fixed some bugs in VCD imaging routines.  Can now generate TOC/BIN files as well.

  • More batch processing option (automatic SFV creation, etc...) to make distribution even easier

  • SVCD imaging supported

  • Image spanning for large MPEGs implemented

  • Sample clips of your video can be generated along with your images

version 3.0 GUI (engine 1.7) final
  • Time code tracking and automatic file splitting during MPEG output

  • Passive read/write option -- see how many errors without writing output

  • New VCD image creation routines with CD-i support

  • Fixed some memory corruption

  • Fixed 99% completion hang when Fix Errors used

  • Slightly improved speed

  • Returns exit code (engine 1.7 console only)

  • Multiple language support - English and Dutch included

  • Batch processing

  • RAR / unRAR support

  • New GUI look and pics :)

  • an Easter egg!  (can you find it?)

  • Fixed file closing bug

  • Fixed lots of minor other bugs from 2.0

version 1.6 final

* accurate MPG->DAT conversion
* Nero NRG -> CUE/BIN 
* Adaptec CIF -> CUE/BIN
* auto-cutting tracks for CUE->MPG or RAW->MPG
* MPEG pack size checking before processing
* SVCD extraction for CIF->MPG, NERO->MPG, and possibly CUE->MPG
* smarter CDI checking
* modified writing engine for more accuracy
* Dreamcast SFD->MPG 
* reduced size of corrected initial sequence
* patched memory corruption when reading a CUE file
* fixed NRG->MPG and CIF->MPG extraction.  Can now extract multiple tracks.

version 2.0 final

* designed with a GUI
* fixed a glitch in the correction code that caused it to not activate when it was supposed to
* convert Nero track images (.nrg) to MPEG
* the -nobumper option is the Remove CD-i MPEG bumper
 IMPORTANT: Read up info on the CD-i bumper in the FAQ
* the -fix option is the Fix MPEG Errors
* made display of Track 0 optional
* added drive free space check
* ability to select tracks to process
* ability to merge tracks to a single file
* process logging
* priority level setting
* stores info into registry... includes a simple one-click button to remove VCDGear from the registry
* added an options pages to enable or disable error prompts and header correction with the Fix option turned on (a.k.a. MPEG Corrector)
* updated FAQ

version 1.5 final

* fixed bug that caused VCDGear to output a file having the same file size as the size specified in the CUE file even when the physical size of the BIN file was less. Now reports a warning and will process only up to the end of the physical BIN size.
* fixed bug that caused VCDGear to interpret the wrong values for the CUE index times and calculate the track sizes incorrectly.

version 1.5b build 17

* fixed a bug in the -nobumper routine that caused the bumper removal code to remain inactive.

version 1.5b build 16

* implemented CD-i bumper pre-scanning code.  No need to specify a value after -nobumper anymore!

version 1.5b build 15

* added -nobumper# option to remove CD-i bumper
* the nobumper is option is temporary for now...till I figure out how to put it in differently. In the meantime, it removes a CD-i MPEG bumper from a file. That's what screwed up the MPEG videos sometimes

version 1.5 build 14

* minor speed increase
* fixed file extension problem
* displays total % complete and estimated time to completion in window title area now
* fixed FLAGS problem
* fixed other major bugs
* removed -ace option (not really needed)
* removed the -s#### option
* replaced it with -r#### and -w####

version 1.5 build 2

* MPEG Corrector implemented into vcdgear
* added cif2mpg
* added mpg2dat
* added mpg2mpg
* fixed crash for missing cue info
* ability to extract from a mode 1 image (implemented.. but not 100% supported)

version 1.4

* MAJOR restructuring of entire 1.35 code
* fixed up the raw2mpg and raw2dat options once again.  Should work with non-VideoPack raw track images
* a couple bug fixes on the Boyer-Moore algorithm so the raw2xxx options should work wonderfully
* fixed the handling of the " " in the CUE file again -- shouldn't be a problem anymore
* Works under NT now (with LFN support too!)
* added three new options:
-fix (to make sure that the output .mpg file does not have broken MPEG blocks. May fix timing/sync problems for some players)
-ace (automatically cuts the non-MPEG junk found at the end of an MPEG correctly)
-s#### (choose an odd-sector size when there is no CUE file)
* Faster than before!
* Handles other odd sizes in CUE files now (e.g. The Corruptor release by VHS)

version 1.35b

* bit more fixes to the .mpg. If you still have more problems with the cue2mpg/dat2mpg, find me and let me 
know! So many VCDs out there -- some aren't perfect :)

version 1.35

* MAJOR fixes/changes in practically all options except cue2raw.
* fixed up the .mpg extraction routines
* dat2mpg extraction more accurate
* track command now works with cue2mpg/cue2dat
* cuts the ending of mpeg sequences correctly now
* incorporated Boyer-Moore algorithm to have much faster MPEG header scans with raw2dat and raw2mpg (raw2mpg especially!)
* CeQuadrat logo MPEG should not be ripped out with raw2mpg/raw2dat anymore (v1.3 it did though)
* Partial support for LFN... but is not complete yet

version 1.3
* Added support for CDRWIN's quotation marks in front of filename in the CUE file
* Changed the options because they were confusing (esp. the ISO).  RAW means raw track image.. same as BIN.
* Smarter routines to look for VCD data in a RAW. Can now support WinOnCD RAW files too!
* Added 3 more new functions for MPEG support! o DAT->MPG converts your DAT to MPEG rather than renaming since they are two different formats
o CUE->MPG converts your CUE/BIN directly to MPEG
o RAW->MPG converts raw track images to MPEG
* Changed DAT headers to a smaller more compact one.
version 1.2

* Rewrote main functions in Assembler to extract VCDs MUCH faster than previous version!
* Fixed a nasty bug that made computers unstable
* Fixed up extractions so now they're more accurate
* Smarter and slightly nicer interface. Does not need to ask user to enter RAW file anymore. Will continue to process file even if location of BIN/RAW file in the .CUE is wrong
* More descriptive error msgs
* Now handles multitrack VCDs!!! Also shows a table with info regarding each track.
* Pick a specific track that you want to rip out rather than the whole CD in a multitrack VCD

version 1.1
* Just completed coding the new version of the ISO2VCD and gave it a new name! VCDGear! Still no LFN support. maybe I'll do it one day :) Just not today
* VCD Gear now does the following features:
o Converts RAW data (from CUE) to ISO (BinChunker? hehe)
o Converts ISO to VCD DAT (same function as ISO2VCD)
o Converts RAW data (from CUE) to VCD DAT
* Fixed up small bug in the iso2vcd code. Now VCD output more accurate than the output from BinChunker
* The raw2iso (binchunking) option only handles VCD raw data. Don't give it any game/PSX raws cuz it doesn't work. Use BinChunker if you want to do game/psx stuff.
* Can convert directly from RAW to DAT in one step without needing to go from RAW->ISO->DAT. Save space ;)
ISO2VCD v0.1

* Released first version of ISO2VCD...
* Handles MODEx/2352, MODEx/2336, and any other odd sector sizes
* No LFN support