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What is VCDGear?

VCDGear is a program designed to allow a user to extract MPEG streams from CD images, convert VCD files to MPEG, correct MPEG errors, and more -- all in a single step.  Initially developed back in late 1997, the program has grown to do various extractions, conversions, and corrections on the fly.  Cross-platform support will allow different machines to process and generate output that is compatible between one another. 

People requiring the need to transport their video materials will find VCDGear as a useful tool to assist them in getting the video to play on their computer or Video CD player.  


1.1 - there's a little 'p' shaped symbol on the left side
1.2 - keeps saying that it can't find the file

Windows 9X/NT/2k

2.1 - does VCDGear work with AMD K6 chips?
2.2 - how fast does it usually take to process an entire file?
2.3 - can the speed of VCDGear be improved?
2.4 - can VCDGear take advantage of SMP? (multiprocessor)

...general information
2.5 - what is Track 0?
2.6 - what is a CD-i MPEG bumper sequence?
2.7 - what is the RAW format? Is it like a BIN/CUE?
2.8 - how does a DAT differ from MPEG?
2.9 - when should I use the RAW-to-MPG or RAW-to-DAT option?

...program information
2.10 - what do I use the Fix MPEG Errors (-fix) option for?
2.6 -   what do I use the Remove CD-i MPEG Bumper for?
2.11 - what is the Force Sector Read/Write size (-r#### or -w####) for?
2.12 - what does the Join Tracks (GUI version) option do?
2.13 - what does the Include Track 0 option do?

2.14 - how do I get best MPEG output possible with least number of errors?
2.15 - I get large number of errors corrected when I use Fix MPEG Errors
2.16 - I get few errors corrected but output file is impossibly small
2.17 - slider moves in Media Player but video is frozen for couple seconds
2.18 - video suddenly stops and Media Player thinks video has ended early
2.19 - video plays but is cut off by black bars at top/bottom of window
2.20 - why does VCDGear cut the beginning/ends of the movie early?
2.21 - my VideoCD plays fine but ending frame is screwed up or is green
2.22 - why do garbled blocks appear every once in while on the video?
2.23 - double-clicked VCDGear in Windows Explorer, and it did nothing

2.24 - will there be a Linux version of VCDGear?
2.25 - will there be releases for other operating systems?
2.26 - does VCDGear support long filenames?
2.27 - is there support for batch processing?
2.28 - is it normal for an extraction to not reach 100%?
2.29 - will there be an option for VOB-to-MPG in the future?
2.30 - will there be an option for recreating a BIN/CUE from an MPEG file?
2.31 - does VCDGear have a homepage?